2014 Club Challenge

This year’s WPS Club Challenge was held on the weekend of 31 May/1 June, and took place at the North West Gaming Centre in Stockport.

The results can be found below:

Club Challenge Shield:      Dragon Slayers

WFB System Shield:          North West Gaming Centre
1st:                                       Chris Legg - Dragon Slayers (Warriors of Chaos)
2nd:                                      Andy Catlow - NWGC  (Dark Elves)
3rd:                                       Ben Thomas - NWGC  (Wood Elves)
Best Army:                          Steve Wren - Dragon Slayers  (Wood Elves)
Most Sporting:                   Adi McWalter - Dragon Slayers  (Ogres)

W40K System Shield:        Viet Taff
1st:                                        Stuart Brailsford - Eldar  (Eldar)
2nd:                                       John Johansson - Eldar  (Imperial Knights)
3rd:                                        Matt Smith - Bristol Vanguard  (Space Marines/Knight)
Best Army:                           Matt Smith
Most Sporting:                    Nigel Curtis - TNG  (Eldar)

Hordes/Warmachine System Shield:        Viet Taff
1st:                                       Dan Melia - Dragon Slayers  (Retribution)
2nd:                                      Alun Evans - Viet Taff  (Menoth)
3rd:                                       Richard Baker - Viet Taff  (Legion)
Best Army:                          Glen Waring - The Lost Boys  (Cygnar)
Most Sporting:                   Alun Evans

Blood Bowl System Shield:       Dragon Slayers
1st:                                        Andy Barnes - Dragon Slayers  (Norse)
2nd:                                       Marcus Pitt - TNG  (Wood Elves)
3rd:                                        Nathan Weddon - The Lost Boys  (Dark Elves)
Best Team:                           Mark Williams - The Lost Boys  (Goblins)
Most Sporting:                    Phil Johansson - Viet Taff  (Humans)

Most Sporting Club:          Dragon Slayers
Best Painted Club:             Dragon Slayers

Open Painting Competition:
Single Figure:                       Richard Baker (Viet Taff)
Squad/Regiment:               Steve Halliwell (TNG)
Large Model:                       Steve Wren  (Dragon Slayers)
Open:                                    Steve Wren

Thanks the generosity of our players, the WPS have raised £197 for the charity to be chosen by the Dragon Slayers

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