Results Breakdown

The Results are in! What an event we had this year at Sanctuary Gaming Centre. An outstanding mix of hobby skills, social wargaming and friendly competition, demonstrating what the WPS is all about!

The 2015 WPS Club Challenge Shield Final Standings:

Winners! - Dragon Slayers
2nd - Sanctuary
3rd - TNG
4th - Gobstyks
5th - Merseyside Mammoths
6th - Viet Taff
7th - Fantasy Cougars
AR - Bristol Vanguard

2015 WPS CC Painting Shield:

Winners! - TNG
2nd - Dragon Slayers
3rd - Sanctuary

2015 WPS CC Sportsmanship Shield:

Winners! - Viet Taff
2nd - Merseyside Mammoths
3rd - TNG

2015 WPS CC Blood Bowl Shield:

Winners! - Dragon Slayers
2nd - Bristol Vanguard
3rd - TNG

1st - Steven Cross - Amazons - Sanctuary
2nd - Rob Downey - Norse - TNG
3rd - David Muirhead - Undead - Bristol Vanguard

Best Painted - Danny Pegg - Dwarves - Dragon Slayers

Best Sportsman - Jonathan Molyneaux - Wood Elves - TNG

Blood Bowl Individual Standings:

PositionNameArmyClubGame 1 ScoreGame 2 ScoreGame 3 ScoreGame 4 ScoreGame 5 ScoreGame TotalTDsGrand Total
1Steven CrossAmazonsSanctuary201919318791179
2Rob DowneyNorseTNG201171920771177
3David MuirheadUndeadBristol Vanguard101617191577777
4Danny PeggDwarvesDragon Slayers17191016365765
5Andy BarnesNorseDragon Slayers10171819165665
6Adam ArcherSkavenFantasy Cougars32012020641264
7Anna DelafieldSkavenGobstyks2172171856956
8Theo BanksWood ElvesSanctuary20321812551155
9Chris OliverUndeadTNG1941421453753
10Pete DelafieldElvesGobstyks17192113521052
11Alister WilliamsWood ElvesGobstyks24131912501450
12Mike MerrickChaos DwarvesBristol Vanguard1031917150550
13Jonathan MolyneuxWood ElvesTNG11115220491049
14Nathan WheddonDark ElvesMerseyside Mammoths1917102149749
15Mark FurnissElvesSanctuary2201134401040
16Terry CarrLizardmenSanctuary03722032732
17Mohammed JavaidOgresViet Taff32202128628
18Chris GilboyHumansMerseyside Mammoths6213113813

2015 WPS CC 40K Shield:

Winners! - Sanctuary
2nd - Dragon Slayers
3rd - Bristol Vanguard

1st - Nathan Roberts - Tyranids - Sanctuary
2nd - Christopher Scothorne - Necrons - Sanctuary
3rd - Adam Sinclair - Eldar - Dragon Slayers

Best Painted - Adam Calver - Imperial Guard - Gobstyks

Best Sportsman - Chris Sillitoe - Knights - Viet Taff

40K Individual Standings:

PositionNameArmyClubGame 1 ScoreGame 2 ScoreGame 3 ScoreGame 4 ScoreGame 5 ScoreGame TotalVictory PointsGrand Total
1Nathan RobertsTyranidsSanctuary302829252814065140
2Christopher ScothorneNecronsSanctuary262430292513470134
3Adam SinclairEldarDragon Slayers241902723935093
4John JohamssonKnightsViet Taff23296124835483
5Matt SmithWorld EatersBristol Vanguard22227252784978
6Tom LeightonChaos MarinesDragon Slayers29224021765676
7Dave MaudeChaosMerseyside Mammoths01052722644664
8Richard TurnerSpace MarinesViet Taff6258520642164
9Matt HoldstockKnightsViet Taff6286202625062
10Adam CalverImperial GuardGobstyks2462750624362
11Gavin WilsonTyranidsGobstyks2116248606060
12Sam WatsonTauBristol Vanguard45231018604960
13Michael SummerfieldGrey KnightsTNG0252481584158
14Chris SteelKnightsTNG2513254583258
15Glen WareingSpace MarinesMerseyside Mammoths621915332633
16Chris SillitoeKnightsViet Taff43687283128

2015 WPS CC WM/H Shield:

Winners! - Merseyside Mammoths
2nd - Gobstyks
3rd - Viet Taff

1st - Nathan Hoole - Trollbloods - Dragon Slayers
2nd - Ben Stubbs - Protectorate of M. - Gobstyks
3rd - Mark Williams - Legion of Everblight - Merseyside Mammoths

Best Painted - Mark Williams - Legion of Everblight - Merseyside Mammoths

Best Sportsman - Tom Wiggins - Mercs - Merseyside Mammoths

WM/H Individual Standings:

PositionNameArmyClubGame 1 ScoreGame 2 ScoreGame 3 ScoreGame 4 ScoreGame 5 ScoreGame TotalControl PointsArmy Points Destroyed TotalStrength of ScheduleGrand Total
1Nathan HooleTrollbloodsDragon Slayers1111151619610.665
2Ben StubbsProtecrtorate of M.Gobstyks00.751113.751.25122.56.253.75
3Mark WilliamsLegion of E.Merseyside Mammoths101013712314.663
4Tom WigginsMercsMerseyside Mammoths011103712510.163
5Sam HuntLegion of E.Gobstyks1100.6602.660108.6666667112.66
6Gareth LloydMercsViet Taff1001029181.5132
7Richard BakerTrollbloodsViet Taff0.2510001.25095111.25
8Joshua StubbsCygnarGobstyks000.25011.2510606.251.25
9Steven HuttonLegion of E.Fantasy Cougars000000452.5150
10BYEBYEBYE00000000 0

2015 WPS CC X-Wing Shield:

Winners! - Sanctuary
2nd - TNG
3rd - Dragon Slayers

1st - Tim King - Imp/Scum - Sanctuary
2nd - Chris Taylor - Reb/Imp - Sanctuary
3rd - Marcus Pitt - Reb/Imp - TNG

Best Painted - Chris Taylor - Reb/Imp - Sanctuary

Best Sportsman - Lewis Jones - Reb/Scum - Viet Taff

X-Wing Individual Standings:

PositionNameArmyClubGame 1 ScoreGame 2 ScoreGame 3 ScoreGame 4 ScoreGame 5 ScoreGame TotalMargin of VictoryGrand Total
1Tim KingImp/ScumSanctuary02020202080143280
2Chris TaylorReb/ImpSanctuary201020201080118980
3Marcus PittReb/ImpTNG20102002070147070
4Nigel CurtisReb/ScumTNG20101202062136462
5Darren DabelReb/ImpDragon Slayers10200201060108360
6R C TanseyReb/ImpSanctuary1020820058114058
7Emma BanksReb/ImpSanctuary20101001050101250
8Pete ScholeyReb/ImpDragon Slayers00102003077630
9Phil JohanssonReb/ImpViet Taff0000101046310
10Lewis JonesReb/ScumViet Taff000000880

2015 WPS CC WFB Shield:

Winners! - Dragon Slayers
2nd - Fantasy Cougars
3rd - TNG

1st - Ady McWalter - Legions of Chaos - Dragon Slayers
2nd - Chris Legg - Warriors of Chaos - Dragon Slayers
3rd - Rob Hallam - Skaven - Dragon Slayers

Best Painted - Steve Wren - Empire - Dragon Slayers

Best Sportsman - Ady McWalter - Legions of Chaos - Dragon Slayers

WFB Individual Standings:

PositionNameArmyClubGame 1 ScoreGame 2 ScoreGame 3 ScoreGame 4 ScoreGame 5 ScoreGame TotalVictory PointsGrand Total
1Ady McWalterChaosDragon Slayers1018202020881016888
2Chris LeggWarriors of ChaosDragon Slayers1620151911811019881
3Rob HallamSkavenDragon Slayers4120191963887063
4Ste HalliwellLizardmenTNG1613519962726162
5Andy ThompsonDwarvesGobstyks20712120608544.560
6Steve WrenEmpireDragon Slayers1310091042523542
7Tom PalfreymanOgresFantasy Cougars410801032460232
8Michael CraigsSkavenFantasy Cougars100201031661431
9Pete MaxwellLizardmenFantasy Cougars71901128590228
10Michael MaxwellUndeadFantasy Cougars02011013529813