About the WPS

The WPS was founded many moons ago by a core of committed war-gamers who wanted to create a framework to foster the growth of the community and develop tournaments.   The WPS was responsible for many early pioneering steps in the development of the tournament and event culture within the UK, and the big flagship event run by the WPS was always the Club Challenge.

Over the years, the war-gaming community in the UK has grown to a respectable size and is in a very healthy state with a strong and diverse range of events that people can attend.

Currently the WPS is primarily committed to running the Club Challenge, a prestigious event with a lot of history behind it and one which we strongly believe in as an enjoyable event that fosters the best in community and club spirit in a relaxed and friendly environment.

Current Committee

The Current WPS Committee are as follows:

Andrew Taylor – Chair

Nicola Taylor – Treasurer

Scott Laird

Danny Pegg

Richard Paley

The Objectives of the WPS

The WPS is committed to:

•             The promotion of the wargaming hobby and the development of inter-club interaction through the organisation and support of the Club Challenge

•             Encouraging and promoting the development of modelling and painting skills and other creative talents associated with the hobby

•             The exemplification of how to play wargames in a fair, friendly and sportsmanlike manner

•             Encouraging social interaction and sharing of knowledge and skills between hobbyists

•             Supporting clubs and the development of gamer networks