News and Announcements

2nd May 2016 - WPS CLUB CHALLENGE IS CANCELLED due to lack of interest and poor ticket sales
9th April 2016 - Slight anomaly with the warbands in the Malifaux rulespack fixed

25th March 2016 - Malifaux and Hordes/Warmachine rules packs updated to fix a slight anomaly with the scoring.

9th March 2016 - Most of the Rules Packs are now available for downloading, with only Malifaux to be completed

Nov 2015-The Committee starts looking at which Systems can be run for the Club Challenge 2016.  A survey is set up (please go to the subpage to take part)
6th -7th June 2015 - The 2015 Club Challenge is hotly contested at Sanctuary Gaming Centre. One of the closest results in the competition's history! See results here!

Mid-March 2015 - The Event Tournament Pack and the Rules Packs are available for download.  Paypal button set and the first brave souls start to sign up

Jan-Feb 2015 - The Tournament Pack and Rules Pack go into production ready for the Club Challenge 2015